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10-19-2012, 12:17 AM
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Let's get something straight right now.

The new Leafs owners will happily allow a second team in TO and might allow them to play at ACC under favorable conditions.

Bell/Rogers will get the TV rights and would perhaps offer ACC as a home rink on the cheap. Bell/Rogers don't want to see another arena built to compete with non-hockey events.

In any event a second team in TO does not hurt Buffalo.

In the US the prime market is Seattle ( if the new arena is a done deal )
Kansas City has a wonderful arena but for whatever reason both the NHL and NBA do not want to go back there.

Portland, Oregon will get sniffed at as well.

Strangely enough San Francisco could be in the mix with the new Warriors arena being built under the Bay Bridge.

Quebec will have a team when the new arena opens. Everything else is in play.

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