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10-19-2012, 12:27 AM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post
Fair enough. I would think JIG (JEG?) will probably be more focused on not completely losing their *****, though.

52m seems like a reasonable number to make sure our fan made off-season roster projections come in under, right?

As far as reaching the floor (whatever that will be) if the 70.2 projected cap comes down seven percent (even if teams are allowed to spend to 70.2 for one season) that puts the cap floor at 16m less than 65.286, or 49.286. Capgeek has us at $50,136,583 right now. So the the floor should not be an issue, at all. We should be above it right now.
Good analysis.

If that is the case, that opens a lot of doors for players that we could talk with other teams about. Maybe get a reasonable RFA like Frolik, whose contract would basically add about $1-2 million, depending on which 5/6 d-man we offered with picks?

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