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Originally Posted by Lobotomizer View Post
Great post Replacement.

Take it a step further - since the recession began in both the US and Canada, there have been multiple examples of unions being faced with rollbacks of salaries. These CBA's include teachers, law enforcement, fire know, the people that actually have a direct impact on the rest of society.

The fact that the players believe they are immune to the same economic restrictions that the rest of society has endured is laughable - if it wasn't so shockingly stupid. The response of players enforces the opinion that they are basically removed from all the pitfalls that Joe Public is faced with on a daily basis.

You are a hundred percent correct that the players at this time are naive to what is going on in the real world...they need to have a chat with the triage nurses in an American city that experienced a rollback of salaries and expected to increase their production. Try explaining that after receiving a 10 million dollar signing bonus (Parise) you are pissed off at losing an amount in one year that the nurse would earn after working 5 years in a hospital trying to save lives.

Owners are their own worst enemies - their saving grace is that they have been smart enough under Bettman's guidance to not open their mouths to prove their stupidity. The players might want to take a look at following this plan.
What's shockingly stupid is a group of individuals demanding a pay cut from their employees in the course of experiencing unprecedented growth in revenues, only outmatched by said owners signing 100+ million in contracts the DAY BEFORE they lock out the very same employees and ask them fto reduce the contracts signed yesterday.

And using nurse salaries as perspective on players salary is lame and low. It's called law of demand, society has a greater demand for the narrow fraction of the population with incredible atheletic performance in their blood, it doesn't make athletes bad people or wrong for expecting fair market value for their talents.

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