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10-19-2012, 01:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Babel View Post
I have been a "LONGTIME LURKER" and this is post compelled me to join. Well said Replacement

I will add, I always hear about a "Partnership" from the players and the share of HRR. Well when I think about it, wouldn't player endorsements fall under HRR? I know if I was a business owner I wouldn't fathom having any player endorse my business or product if they didn't play hockey.

So I am patiently waiting for the players to give up 43% of all endorsement $$'s to the NHL to be distributed to the owners. That would feel MUCH more like a true partnership and not a such a one sided one.
Perfect and while we are in partnership mode lets have the owners put any capital gains they receive in the sale of their teams and franchise fees paid into the HRR kitty too.

And staying on the same course since the players are "partners" now, lets make sure the books of all the teams are open for them to study and analyze

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