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10-19-2012, 01:28 AM
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Thanks again everyone. The advice and support is sincerely appreciated. I was steadily doing many of the mentioned workouts focusing mostly on core strength and endurance. But that will be on hold for a little bit as I managed to hurt myself pretty good yesterday.

Was doing a process known to us as "desnail" (not sure how it got that name), basically it's just a really thorough cleaning of all of our aircraft. We have to tear down, pressure wash, wipe down, vacuum out and then reassemble all of our aircraft. I was working in a wheelwell using our busted ass pressure washer which we can't stop spraying or the hose will bust. As I started to crawl out it slipped a little in my hand, to ensure I didn't get sprayed in the face my reaction was to pull it straight down..... on to my right kneecap. It's pretty amazing what that kind of water pressure at point blank range will do to human tissue. I managed to create a wound about 1 1/2 long wide enough that you could stick a golf ball in under the skin and clear down to the bone. It was kind of neat looking and I could almost pop my kneecap out of my skin while screwing with it. Anyway, a bunch of stitches and bandages later let's just say I don't really bend it right now. Hopefully I be back to working out in about 10 days and practicing at a rink at home in about 40.

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