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10-19-2012, 02:55 AM
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Originally Posted by okgooil View Post
Yup, I said it before, players love owners when they compete and the players collude. They don't like it when the tables are turned. I would even go further and say in any other industry the players would not get as much.
So we should hate the PA because they have a good union that actually does its job and handsomely compensates employees?

In ANY other industry, the owners would probably be in violation of anti-trust laws for imposing a salary cap on its employees. Unless you're now advocating against anti-trust laws? Point being there's no reasonable comparable for the sports industry.

Owners get cought up as fans, they don't treat it as much like a business as they should, they want to be heros as well. Win the cup for the city ect.
Insinuating that owners are altruistic is naive at best. They want to win the Cup to brag about it to their millionaire buddies more than they want to win it for the little guy.

Moreover, how's it even remotely fair to say the owners deserve to be compensated because they're making bad financial choices for their business? Have you ever considered that most owners don't see these franchises as primary sources of income? They're play toys, and your average owner is content to break even.

Florida IIRC is a perfect example - the team bleeds money every year, so why aren't they being sold off? Simple - the owners own the surrounding real estate; the hockey team draws people to shop in the surrounding area, which brings enough profit to the owners to offset the losses incurred by the team.

Conversely, your average PA member will make the vast majority of his money through his career in pro hockey. An owner like Leopold, who struggled with the Nashville Predators, made more money through developing them than most NHLers will ever earn over the same time span.

So they hand out big money, when in another business they would pass. Players get so much out of the owners until the CBA ends, then they cry poor.

As you said, suck it up!!
The owners are the ones crying poor, not the players. They're the ones demanding concessions from the players because the economic model of the NHL promotes inequalities and instability among the bottom-third of the league, and because the owners have historically been too greedy and competitive to prevent themselves from making poor business decisions. That's bad business practice on the part of the league, not the players 'crying poor'.

Let's be perfectly realistic. The top three to half-dozen teams in the league could have easily solved the problem and avoided a lockout by increasing revenue sharing themselves. Instead, they want to the players to contribute as much as possible to cover their blunders.

And this is coming from someone who took the owners side because Fehr refused to negotiate until mid-summer.

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