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10-19-2012, 06:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Fire Sather View Post
How can you support the players in this?

I mean, I couldn't find any reason to BEFORE this week, but now its really no contest.
How? Nothing has changed throughout these negotiations. The owners created a ****** system 7 years ago, and to try to fix it, they're looking to **** the players even harder this time. This is a one-sided negotiation. One side is getting everything and one side is making all the concessions.

Originally Posted by Blackhawkswincup View Post

How is it showing Solidarity that the stars are fleeing to Europe for $$$ and other half of union will have no job or income since they wont be gifted a roster spot in Europe?
This isn't the Memphis sanitation strike. This isn't Flint, Michigan. This is a labor dispute in the 21st century. Millionaire employees. Frank Luntz running focus groups. A 24-hour news cycle with instant information. Public bargaining. A global economy. This is how modern negotiations work.

If I take a group of my members out on strike, or if a group of my employees are locked out, I'm thrilled if I get a 50% participation rate. I'm thrilled if I don't have a group of members out talking to the press about how the union is incompetent and interfering with their ability to work. THRILLED. You can't please everyone all the time. People will go elsewhere for work, people will ***** and moan, criticize their own union, etc. There's no such thing as "true" solidarity now. A portion of the membership will always be disgruntled and find some reason to not support their sisters and brothers.

Just like "full employment" is some percentage of unemployment greater than zero, "full solidarity" accounts for a percentage of members that aren't behind you. Not on message, not supportive. It's impractical and unrealistic to expect 100% of the membership to be in lockstep. What we're seeing from the NHLPA in these negotiations is as close to full solidarity as a union can attain.

Originally Posted by Fire Sather View Post
Not to mention some players tweeting that they saw promising signs in the NHL proposal while some tweet that its a bad offer.

They aren't united at all.
Again, that's just the reality of the times. If the air traffic controllers had Twitter back in 1981 you'd find the same thing. It's impossible to keep everyone on message when you have a bunch of famous athletes with thousands of eyes and ears focused on them at all times, and convenient outlets for them to take 30 seconds to share their thoughts.

What you DON'T see are dozens of players taking to the airwaves and internet to criticize their union leadership. You DON'T see guys holding pressers, taking a disassociated approach, urging their union and management to "just get something done" so they can go back to work.

I negotiate labor contracts and represent workers for a living. It's all I do. If I'm Don Fehr, I'm ecstatic at the level of solidarity I'm seeing from the membership. And clearly he is, since he's still bargaining from a hardline stance. He's a professional that's incredibly good at what he does--he has the pulse of his membership, and if he detected cracks in solidarity, he wouldn't be as aggressive in negotiations as he is.


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