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10-19-2012, 07:29 AM
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Originally Posted by CaptCally View Post
I blame Fehr. I'm sure the majority of the players want to get a deal done but with Fehr at the helm it seems hopeless they will play this season.

I agree the players shouldn't have to get bent over here, but with the majority of NHL teams operating in the red, I don't see how they can pretend like they don't make enough money these days.
No offense, but this is another ludicrous statement. Blame Fehr? The NHLPA HIRED him for JUST this reason. They WILL NOT get bent over again. He is doing EXCACTLY what the players want. This is not Goodenow, who threw a 24% player salary reduction without telling the union about it. There is NO move that Fehr makes without the players knowing AND AGREEING to every last detail. This is why the MLB players union loved him. He will not have Bettman run circles aroudn him. And what the owners and players need to feer is just HOW united Fehr has the players.

Don't want to honor the contracts that you signed? Fine. What the owners did not bargain for is that the players WILL loose a year for the money that the owners owe to them. In fact, I believe that they will be loose two.

As for operating in the red, again, I understand that record revenues do not mean record profits. However, then I expect the owners to operate in such a manner and not hand out contracts that they cannot afford.

The players are more than willing to do the 50/50 but it has to be gradual, as the contracts should be honored.

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