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10-19-2012, 07:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Leetch66 View Post
I think the owners should lock them out for 3 years and start with complete new rosters . The union will fall...and eventually the players will come back . I'm sure every team could fill out a roster of willing fellows that want a shot at playing in the NHL and I bet that the hockey would be very exciting and entertaining like it was in the 70's !
I am curious. How old are you? Do you remember the baseball lock out?

First of all, no 3 years and the NHL is done for good. Period. There is no comeback. I am not sure that they can survive 1 year, let alone 2 or 3. Second of all, by attempting to break teh union with scab players, the NHL would play directly into Fehr's hands. He would love nothing more than to have Bettman make that mistake. Basebal tried, he took them to court and the courts ruled in his favor. The courts FORCED the much richer baseball owners to send replacment players packing and, as apparently the lock out was ended by that act, to bring the real players back into camp. Imagine Bettman and the owners tring to wipe such an egg off of their face.

There is no part of labor law that Fehr is unfamiliar with. And, the owners biggest nightmare, is that Fehr is smarter than any previosu union head. The only way Bettman has functioned has been as a bully. Not outsmarting the opponent. Fehr is smarter and will not be bullied.

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