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Originally Posted by AH
Most overrated GM in hockey history. He gets all sorts of praise, but the fact remains that he inherited a dynasty and proceeded to win only 2 cups six years apart..


I said before the lockout that once the salary cap comes in, this would be Lacroix's true test as a GM and builder. He no longer would have inherited all that young talent, and no ability to spend gobs of money. I actually had a feeling that he might step down just to avoid the whole situation since it might impact his legacy. People would then remember the Cups and yearly contending, not the fact that he screwed up big time.
You're right: he only won the Cup twice! How pitiful.

Especially when you consider the fact that Detroit, Dallas, St.Louis, NJ were all excellent teams in their prime; truly pitiful on Lacroix's behalf.

It's also good to note that Lacroix inherited this good team that lasted him a full decade. And they were always good, because of previous management for the team. Let's ignore the fact that the 'Diques were a sideshow when he took over.

No matter how you value Lacroix: you need to give him credit for winning Cups, replenishing the stockpile of talent, and making the right moves to win. Roy, Bourque, Blake are not easy players to acquire.

Plenty of GMs have inherited good teams and never won. Don't tell me Ottawa's core over the last 8 years was inferior to Colorado's. Or Philly's core severely inferior to Colorado's. Or Dallas' (who only won once). Colorado had a tremendous core. True. But there were a few other teams with equally good cores at that time. Which meant the Cup wound up being evenly distributed, for the most part.

The real big difference between all the aforementioned teams (minus Ottawa) and Colorado is that the Avalanche never dove into the UFA market. And they had players stolen on the UFA market (repeated attempts/successes from the NYR), while Detroit, Dallas & Philly contributed to the circus of unrestricted free agency.

To measure Lacroix's success as a builder based on the fact that he built a team bolstered by four superstars (Forsberg, Sakic, Blake, Foote) and two stars (Hejduk, Tanguay), and the fact that he couldn't resign them all when the Cap world hit is simplistic analyzing. The team was and is in obvious transition to accomodate the new NHL, and they still made noise in the playoffs and have a bright future.

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