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10-19-2012, 08:24 AM
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Originally Posted by trueblue9441 View Post
it is basically what the PA offered, but without linkage. if its has linkage involved then there's more traction and a deal can get done. what happens if revenue tanks and goes down to $2billion (extreme i know, but hear me out).

well with the PA's proposal, they would still get $1.8 billion in revenues. so that would be fair for the PA to get 90% of the revenues in this extreme case?

even if revenues went down to 3 billion, they'd still get 62.7% of revenues. so that all has to come out of the owners end?

if there is linkage, there's a deal to be made.
yep. add in a condition that guarantees the 5% growth by reducing players share if it falls below that and you might have something

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