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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
Escrow is calculated at the end of the year. The owners would get money back at that point

e: that is to say, the real money calculation (which is realistically what the owners care about) comes at the end of the season and is based on the money generated during the season. If next year had a big revenue growth, the league could end up splitting things closer to 50-50 (more realistically like around 54-46 players if it was a good increase) and still pay the value of the players contracts, especially since they would no longer be required by the CBA to give back money to get the split up to 57% for the players

that's why the players are saying "we'll go to 50-50 if you honor the contracts", because you can get to 50-50 in a couple of seasons if you assume good revenue growth and not requiring the owners to pay 57% of the revenue no matter what. It would basically be a 50-50 split on the revenue for next year and then if that's not enough to pay the existing contracts then the league gives back more until it does. That could easily come in under the old 57% number, and would definitely be closer to 50-50 in year two, and almost certainly 50-50 in the 3rd year. Hell, there could even be room to calculate some certain cap on how much the league would pay back in year one, like it can't be over X percentage or something.
players don't want escrow, to them thats just another word for rollback

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