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Originally Posted by yideboit View Post
chi is on and can play between now and 1230-100

need 2x nash 1x cbj and 2x stl

message on 360 more likely to see it there
Nash can maybe get on at 11-11:30 CNT/12-12:30 EST and play one, possibly two, but it would take a bit of effort to do so (taking a half day at work and meeting people at the golf course at 12:30 CNT). Are there any other times you'd be available - like tonight? If not, I could do it with some guarantee that we could start promptly once I got on (sorry if that sounds dick-ish/entitled, wasn't meant to).

Originally Posted by Hollywood Couturier View Post
Which is why I think kicking them all out tonight, extending the period a day so teams can play the computer if they choose to. Still not really sure if that's a bad idea though.
A newbie's two cents:

Wouldn't it be even worse for a GM-less team to be in the playoffs? It would basically be a free round 1 bye for a user-controlled opponent. Unless you're absoultely certain that they are fully AWOL (like you were with my predecessor, since he flat out said it), I would vote to wait for now.

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