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10-19-2012, 09:05 AM
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Originally Posted by BigDuke6 View Post
He loves to play, loves to skate, every chance he can that's what he wants to do. However, when he decided he wanted to play travel the rules changed a bit. It is a huge time and money investment (driving 3 hours this Saturday for a game). Through preseason he had some excellent games, and he had some games where we drove for +2 hours for him to float around all game not doing much. My message to him was that we can do that on the in-house team at the rink 10 minutes from the house.

When he started saying he wanted a new stick, and what sticks he was interested in, I told him his effort hadn't been at a level where he needs a $200 stick. He's easily one of the fastest kids on his team, but you'd never know it. Skates his hardest when he wants to, etc.

So, I told him he has to earn it by giving me 100% effort for a month. When he asked why a month I explained that if he does it for a month it will be a habit by then. I told him if he goes all out every practice and game for a month I'll buy him whatever stick he wants (within reason).

The biggest thing I had to get him to understand was that I wasn't talking about being the best player (scoring goals, etc.), just doing the best he can, giving it his all. He's just one of those kids that when he turns it on the coaches and other parents are surprised becasue he doesn't do it all the time.

He's 10, what are you going to do.
I like that. I've always stressed effort and attitude because those are in your control. I also like you're not being such a hard ass that even if he slacks once it blows it for him.

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