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10-19-2012, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by CootaRoo View Post
A newbie's two cents:

Wouldn't it be even worse for a GM-less team to be in the playoffs? It would basically be a free round 1 bye for a user-controlled opponent. Unless you're absoultely certain that they are fully AWOL (like you were with my predecessor, since he flat out said it), I would vote to wait for now.
They are all AWOL.

Originally Posted by thelos View Post
If you leave them in and go to the playoffs and they still arent around, then would the games have to be simmed? Or can you just boot them then at that point? Hard choice really.

As of now how many playoff teams(or people close to playoffs) aren't around?
As it stands now these are the teams that will need replacements.

Pittsburgh Penguins- (1st Place)
Boston Bruins- (6th Place)
Montreal Canadiens- (3rd Place)
Ottawa Senators - (15th Place)
Florida Panthers- (5th Place)

I have a few people that I can probably get but if I will add them after this period (aka the playoffs). If I add GM's tonight their is the chance that they will not be on tomorrow to play their games and we're back at square one really for this period making the extension pointless.


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