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05-13-2006, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Pere Noel
I have a conspiracy theory... Maybe Gainey has found a way to get Sakic out of Colorado...

In my conspiracy theory, Gainey has bought out Brisebois, and manipulated Lacroix's mind into luring him to sign him...

He then used his Dallas' ramifications to do the same with Turgeon...

And Lacroix signed both of them while releasing very valuable players such as Foote and Forsberg...

He then created a boiling situation... with Theodore... to give a flavor of a Patrick Roy crisis syndrome.. to again lure big gambler Lacroix to trade for him...

The result... a Colorado team doomed with soft players, a slow poke Turgeon, never won much in the playoff, a goofy Brisebois, moreso in the playoff, and a goalie who never went beyond the second round... All of which are well paid, enough so that Colorado would have problems keeping other good players....

Sakic, a winner, disgusted by the new crowd of floaters surrounding him, the Avalanche being completly disfigured... seing a cul-de-sac... would hear the new message of Bob and Carbonneau which goes like this:

We have a good, young, and fast team, we are getting better and players around the league know it, we will be in the top five next year, Montreal is the place to be if you want spice, we want fierced players who want to win. We have some cap space that we will use...

Oh, and by the way, we are looking for a center for Kovalev.

This is how my conspiracy theory goes... and this is how, Gainey would have virtually traded Theodore and Brisebois for Sakic and Aebischer (probably back for another commodity).

Doing so, we would have attracted a natural leader, and role model a la Yzerman into our organization. A player who still score 30+ goals and gets more than a point a game.
You got quite an imagination my friend

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