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10-19-2012, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Just wondering something.

Basically I have the iPhone 4s and I encountered a problem.

I was tethering with my phone onto my desktop computer. My desktop has no wifi so I logged in on wifi on my phone and then used that internet for my computer.

Today I get 3 texts in a row from fido at same time.

"you are at 75% of your data limit"
"you reached data limit"
"you surpassed data limit, 50$ extra will be charged"

Thanks for the heads up guys!

Anyway, I called fido and was told tethering uses cellular data even if you're on wifi. Is that true?

Either way, any chance I can get them to waive charges? I'm not the "i'll leave if you don't type" but been there 4 years+ and kind of don't want to pay 50$. Never asked them for anything, will they actually cut the 50$ surcharge? I'm kinda asking because I have 2 weeks left in my month so I figure i'll go over more and more just from browsing and e-mails. Kinda don't want a ridiculous bill. Hoping they are flexible and will cut the charge and understand. Anyone have experience with this? I know some work at fido/rogers, any advice? I'm not going to bust balls, just hoping they can understand the accidental exceeding of my limit.
Speak with Customer relations they will help you out they might offer 50% off and 500 Mb added to your plan for this month but I would mention other companies like public mobile and unlimited data and they will cut it down to 0$. If anything you can add me to your list of authorized contacts and I will call them on your behalf (I worked there for 3 years) .

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