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Originally Posted by Oak View Post
I think the only spoiled one here is you. Just because they played hockey their entire life and reached levels of eliteness that you never will, does not mean that they should be thankful for scraps that are thrown to them. You act like because they have a great job they should be thankful to be there and take anything they get.

I really can't get over what a bunch of cry babies some fans are. Oh boo hooo hooo I want to watch hockey and the players should be thankful to even get 100k a year to play! Their job is so much better than mine, and I don't make much money, so they should be grateful for anything they get! If they dont like it they can go work in McDonalds!

It's obvious who has a backbone, who has pride, and who has accomplished anything in life. Just because you are a nobody and would kill to play hockey for $50k a year, does not mean they should want to, have to, or need to.

It is obvious that they are being bent over, and I for one feel they should not give the owners anything. I am proud of them for standing up like this, and I hope they continue to stand up until they get what they want. Even if they never get what they want, and maybe never play hockey again, they can rest knowing they had pride and stood up for themselves.
I am a nobody and i am spoiled and havent accomplished anything?


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