Thread: Confirmed with Link: Hawks & others to play charity game @ Allstate
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10-19-2012, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by hockeydoug View Post
From my understanding, the end number was much lower a couple years ago, but I can't confirm that right now, so we'll stick with 32 cents. That number still puts it in the "hack" charity group. If Campbell knew that only 32 cents (I believe the real number was much lower) was going to help when there were dozens of autism charities, many in the same region, that ran much better with much better fund utilization, why wouldn't he have picked one of those? Like I said, I'm sure his intentions were good, maybe a little naive or misguided though, and that's why these things should be approached with skepticism if it's going to influence the perception of a player. People's perception is influenced when they hear the word "charity", and I think it's usually influenced far more than is justified. For the record, I really like Campbell as an individual, but I wish he paid more attention when he promotes a charity.

My point is that players "help" a charity without really paying attention because they look good, feel good, and everybody gives out high fives and good vibes. There are lots of players like a Danny Briere (maybe Burish in this case?) that actually pay attention to what happens with the money and follows up with the charity without promoting themselves but those players are more the exception than the rule.
I've got no problem with any of that. Maybe the bit about scam or hack charities, many of which give considerably less then 32 cents on the dollar to those who need that money, but for the rest you and I are in agreement. My post was simply to those that dismissed this event offhand as a pure publicity stunt and took it as an opportunity to bash the players.

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