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Originally Posted by Oak View Post
Fairly? There was a lockout a few years ago. The players gave the owners everything they wanted. Should I say more?

You can't sign a CBA, contracts, make agreements, and then decide to change things every time you don't like it anymore. If you give in the 2nd time, and 3rd time, before you know it the taking will never stop. Just because the players make more money than the average joe, does not mean they should be treated in any way.

Now if you think it is fair to be greedy and take everything you can because you are the owners and you have that right, well then we need to discuss what standards we are setting to fairness. What is fair according to Capitalism, is not the same as what is fair according to common morality, or religion, etc.

I judge fairness according to the way I would like to be treated. I am a construction worker, and we are all getting hit in the economy recently, but just because I am because I really have no choice, does not mean I feel the NHLPA should have to.

Right, like I said. Youre setting a ****** precedent, whether its ****ing 100 million or 100k.

Nobody should be sitting around saying well we make more than the average person does, so let the owners win. The owners will take advantage of this every time. Theres two sides to the coin, and this is regardless of the revenue amount.

Its just more unsettling because of that amount however, so its easy to say well youre being crybabies.

No matter what is at stake, id still want an honest negotiation and the intention of my contract to be paid in full at the time it is done. The owners are worms.

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