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10-19-2012, 10:01 AM
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Blaming greed for negotiating problem is like blaming gravity for a plane crash. Its always going to be there.

I we see greedy in this case to mean self-interested, then both the players and the owners are, ahh, "greedy." The NHL is also a secular institution.

Getting more specifically onto what you said, you are I believe the first person I've heard say that it was the owners who won the first lockout. But as I don't know the specifics of your opinion on this, aside from your belief that the players are in the right and the owners are in the wrong, I can't really critique you any further. I would say that I disagree with your preconceptions about he nature of fairness, though. But that isn't a topic of discussion here.

I don't think its a crime for hard-working fans who have their own jobs, lives and self interests to be selfish, or not to care about the plight of the NHLPA because they want to see hockey. If you've got Keynesian sensibilities, well, then you should be focused on people in worse shape than NHL hockey players. The fans aren't responsible for being independent arbitrators, and even if they were, the NHLPA then wouldn't then accept their ruling.

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