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Originally Posted by dynamoovechkin View Post
I loved what Eric Lindros gave us when he was here.
I did too. I honestly liked him and Theo Fleury on the same team, but the team was such a **** show back then and those two obviously had their own problems.

Glen Sather has been brilliant at times.
Agreed, and honestly I haven't minded him as GM lately, though I think he's also made some terrible moves over the course of his tenure.

This whole "playing in the fishbowl that is NY" excuse is a crock.
Also agree. There's more scrutiny than in smaller markets but it's nowhere near what it is on a Canadian team or something. NHLers can be pretty anonymous in NYC and the media isn't nearly as harsh as people make it out to be...there's a couple of beat writers that care and the rest of the sports media cares about baseball and football

Derek Stepan is not a big game player as a pro. His disappearing act in two playoffs in a row infuriated me.
I'm giving him some slack because he's still a young player...keep in mind that he's only played two seasons, and he's not a great talent by himself. I think he needs to step it up but I can't toss a young player who scored 50+ points last year under the bus yet.

Henrik Lundquist has some serious brainfarts sometimes, as much as it pains me to say it.
I think every goalie has them, no matter who they are, Lundqvist's can just be more noticeable because he's usually so damn good.

Gaborik takes way too much flak from this board. I love what the guy gives us, even if he is not a leader in the big games.
Word. He's not perfect but he's a really good player for the Rangers

I think Bickel could be a good 6th-7th defenseman and he has more skills than your typical bottom pairing, punch guys for a living defenseman. He skates decently, he handles the puck with some confidence, he just doesn't seem to have really figured out how to play within his talents and not take unnecessary risks. maybe he'll never figure that out, maybe he can't read the play well enough, but he's got a bit of talent

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