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Originally Posted by Bosswally View Post
ya about Hamilton "Under NHL rules, an expansion or relocation of a team to Hamilton could potentially be blocked by the Buffalo Sabres or the Toronto Maple Leafs, because Copps Coliseum, the likely venue for a Hamilton NHL team, is located less than 50 miles from the Sabres' and the Leafs' home arenas.[25] Roughly 15% of the Sabres' business comes from residents of the area of Ontario between Hamilton and Buffalo, and the Sabres or the Leafs could require "an enormous indemnification payment" to allow an additional team to be established within a 50-mile radius."

and thats why Hamilton probably won't get a team unless the owner has really deep pockets, from articles i've read the number thrown around the last time Balsillie tried to do his thing was $100 million US...each to the Sabres and the Leafs and now the NHL is worth more so I wouldn't be surprised if it was $150 million each plus the $500 million dollar expansion fee you are talking close to a billion US dollars just to get the team plus whatever start up costs for staff, remodeling the arena, paying the players, etc. where as in Markham you will only have to pay the Leafs and there is potentially much more money to be made up there instead of in Hamilton
NO Hamilton is about 65 miles away from Buffalo & as for 15% of Sabres fans comming from Ontario is not true it is more along the lines of 10% or less & thoses fans do not come from Hamilton they come from Niagara Falls , St Catheriens , Fort Erie & Welland . Also a Hamilton NHL. teams fan base would mainly come from the Hamilton area & Southwestern Ontario with very little comming from the GTA. & Niagara region ,

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