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Originally Posted by Wolf357 View Post
The idea of replacement players is a good idea in theory..
however in the real world it simply cant work.

So in a situation where there are replacement players where do these players come from? The AHL.. So that who plays in the AHL? Guys from the ECHL? fine who plays in the ECHL? Rec League players?

Plus anyone player who would cross the picket line would be absolutly stigmitized by the Players Union. How can some kid from the AHL who has high hopes of playing in the NHL ever play another game in the League again after crossing a picket line.
Haven't some players already crossed a picket line in a way? Its true that many of these leagues do have unions but most aren't powerful and I don't believe the NHLers playing there even join them. Anyone who left for a non-union league should pretty much forfeit their NHLPA membership. The fact that so many players are willing to abandon their fellow brothers to play in leagues where the players have little rights while their brothers are sitting at home without work is shameful. That's far from union solidarity. It makes me think that these players do not value unions and/or don't understand what they are there for.

In the real world, what would happen if UAW auto workers were in a similar situation and a group left to work for a foreign automaker. Do you think their UAW brothers and sisters would welcome them back with open arms once an agreement was made? Of course not. They would be shunned and called every name in the book for abandoning their fellow members in a time of solidarity.

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