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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
The players brought this upon themselves. As did the owners. Walked on? In what sense?

The players signed these contracts knowing full well that there was no chance in hell the contracts would be honored as is when the CBA expired.

The owners agreed to sign these contracts knowing full well they had no intention of honoring them as is when the CBA expired.

Take responsibility for your actions.

The contracts should be honored. In a sense. But the league needs to cut back salary. Its a sacrifice that has to be made. And thats life.

What concessions are the players really giving up? Its not their league.

They are paid, handsomely, for their unique skills.

How are they being walked on? For the betterment of the league they have to give up a little.

50/50 split. They won't get their full contracts. If the league is to be more healthy moving forward, the owners HAVE TO "win more" then the players. Players will come and go through this league but the league wants stability an longevity with its franchises.
Excellent post. Yeah, the owners win these things usually.

And that's the way it should be. The owners are the ones that have to be healthiest for the league to be healthy. So the owners should win.

The players, unfortunately, SHOULD get the scraps. When a league is healthy, those scraps are a fortune and they are more than well compensated.

Zero sympathy for the players saying they gave up so much last time. Yeah, and now you can give up some more. If you want your jobs to be around indefinitely, you'll back off getting 57%. That means you give up something again.

When the players are only getting 37%, then I'll agree its time for them to get something.

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