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10-19-2012, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Zandar View Post
What risk? His size? So would you still draft players like Colborne, Beach, Hodgson, Bailey, and so on over Eberle in 08? They all had really good junior/college careers and are safe picks. Maybe just maybe Hodgson makes an impact even near what Eberle does NOW. After the top few pics, there were maybe 2-3 players drafted that will have an impact like Eberle.
No one could have expected a cheap hit and one to have the effect this one did. How many first round picks would it take to acquire Eberle? How many quality players to get him? It's hard Enough getting an impact player in the first round so you go for it when you believe one is there...otherwise you collect borderline players. If you draft 4 times in the first round and go high risk high reward, you have a better chance landing one or more impact players than trading those 4 picks for an impact player of Eberle's level. Avs did good getting Wolski, Stewart, and Shattenkirk (Sbisa was the 08 pick). Would all 4 get you Eberle? What if the Avs drafted Eberle in 08? Sure players look good now (few years after the draft) but who would be the better player if everything works out?
No, the fact that he had a proven laundry list of injury issues pre-draft.

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