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Originally Posted by WhadaIknow View Post
Facts & Open for Discussion and Opposing Opinions
Since my post Oct 13 and up until 11 pm Oct 18 I noticed:
CCHL League activity:
• There have been only total 22 posts on this thread
• 13 league games have occurred in the last 6 days
• Very few posts or nothing regarding all/any of the games – teams, players, goalies, coaches, 3 star selection (appearing now to be political), quality of refs and….who is doing well or needs to excel…

WHERE ARE ALL THE POSTERS (from the last 2 months)???
Online Game Coverage:
• How about the “somewhat subpar” new online FAST HOCKEY broadcasting for league games…that is not cheap?
o For some games at certain rinks…Can you say…”bring the “%$#*” camera down off the ceiling and capture the game/the nice passes or amazing saves that the announcers stated; which online viewers have no clue because we only get a shot of the lighting or roof of the arena?
o The video teams and game announcers (doing the best they can, at/with each arena) perhaps need to be supported/trained/paid by FAST HOCKEY to insure a great viewer experience. They are making $; what are they doing for our league to make viewer experience (at the very least) enjoyable???
3 Stars per Game: Question: who determines the 3 stars per game?
• Is this a home arena task, refs, point tabulator or a fan?
• How is a player chosen; when he has not really scored or majorly contributed to the game?
• Conversely: how does a goalie who had 20 shots (forget saves) get 1 of the 3 stars (maybe deserving), but a goalie on another team consistently takes 30-40-50+ shots and does not get recognized????
There has been 2_3 goalies that have endured a 50+ shots/game....should these guys not be recognized??

Your Thoughts?
Come on guys/ladies……lets get this thread going!
How about the game Wed Ottawa vs. Kanata? Thoughts?
o Kanata came out with drive; struggled 2nd period and majorly screwed their goalie in the 2nd and 3rd with a lack of focus/drive and way too many/all penalties in the 3)
o Brandon Lane (Kan) was spectacular; facing 57 shots: with having 1 -3 of his team in the box vonsiste4ntly throughout the game
o Charlie Millen ( Ott)was working hard, but had a tough night and saw 20 shots and gave up 6
o Ottawa appeared to have the more physically conditioned team with a drive to win with a lower ranking team
[]After the 1st, they seem to jump start their entire game plan and resources – by far the better all around better team
o Kanata was out of their comfort level with OJS after the 1st period….Kanata’s goalie save the day: standing on his head and attempted to make up for the Kanata defense weakness and needless team penalties with 57 shots and enduring 1/3 of the game short handed.
Ottawa looked to be the stronger; the more conditioned team during the 2nd and 3rd periods

Some Wacky things occurring in a tight league:
Pembroke takes Cumberland with the 8-1 win
Gouchester defeats SmithFalls 5-3
Brockville over Cumberland 7-1
Kanata upsets Ottawa 6-5 (should have been 6-3)
Nepaen sets the stakes with Kempville 7 - 2
You can't take to heart any of the shot totals from the CCHL....I've seen games where it was said that there were 50 shots and maybe, maybe there were 30-35 directed at the net. It is not uncommon for a teams volunteers to find or lose a few shots on any given night to assist their teams tender or to lower the visiting teams tender's SA%....I've had conversations with a few lads that work the box and their ideas of what constitutes a shot vary as widely as you can imagine.

I also believe that it is the lads that work the time keepers box that pick the 3 stars, and although they might be great volunteers, I have found that their hockey knowledge goes as far as what number they see the most on the game sheet. Some nights are baffling to say the least when it comes to 3 stars in this league.

That being said, AMEN for the volunteers of every team....without them the league would be sunk!

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