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10-19-2012, 11:40 AM
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(All Referring to the posts I couldn't answer in the old thread)

No CH, I can't stop overthinking about her!


That really sucks.

There's no saying what you're doing is wrong if that's really what your heart feels. It knows what's best, but just make sure it's her your missing and not relationships in general.
Y'know Manked, it's been weird... The first week or so, I missed relationships - e.g. having someone to hold, hug, kiss, engage in acts of coitus with etc. But then this last week, it's actually been missing HER... It's weird

Sounds like my breakup. Wait it out, take a step back for a couple of weeks. Trust me, it's not easy but it's what it takes. I've been there and it sucks ass. You think there's potential but you guys broke up for a reason.

Best thing to do is to avoid contact for a while as much as it can be tough. It took me over 2 months to realize it wasn't her I wanted, it was a relationship (having someone to talk to, etc). It's after you take a step back that you can realise why you guys broke up in the first place.
Yeah, you might be right Mat_Sens... The thing I hate, in regards to avoiding contact, is that we used to text and talk almost all the time... Then as soon as you split, it's like... Oh, I've not got you to text like I usually would... I'm deffo gonna wait a few weeks before I try and sort stuff out between us though...

Beville: If you want her back, go try to get her back. If you wait a little longer, you may find that she really isn't the best thing.. Sex might be though.
Yeah, I'm gonna try and get her back The sex definitely was though, well, when she put effort into it anyway...

So my plan is this... She says she wants to be single, fair enough... But my plan is this...

Wait a few weeks, say till Mid-November... By then it'd be about 6 weeks (give or take) since we broke up... Take her on the odd date, say every 7-10 days and see how we go... If we go ok, maybe make them more often... If they go **** up, call it end... Assuming it all goes ok, see each other a bit more (In like, a soppy romantic way) for the next few weeks/months then try and get back together... What do y'all think of that?

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