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Originally Posted by ZebraCritic View Post
You can't take to heart any of the shot totals from the CCHL....I've seen games where it was said that there were 50 shots and maybe, maybe there were 30-35 directed at the net. It is not uncommon for a teams volunteers to find or lose a few shots on any given night to assist their teams tender or to lower the visiting teams tender's SA%....I've had conversations with a few lads that work the box and their ideas of what constitutes a shot vary as widely as you can imagine.

I also believe that it is the lads that work the time keepers box that pick the 3 stars, and although they might be great volunteers, I have found that their hockey knowledge goes as far as what number they see the most on the game sheet. Some nights are baffling to say the least when it comes to 3 stars in this league.

That being said, AMEN for the volunteers of every team....without them the league would be sunk!
You hit the nail on the head, volunteer driven league in almost every regard. For sure there's some discrepancy with the level of knowledge regarding shots and POG awards. The 3 stars is very subjective as I think it is the scorekeepers - not always about points what about a d-man who shuts down a top player?? The D tend to get overlooked because the guys are looking at scoresheet or a goalie who has a huge night!

Even the Fasthockey broadcasts, I haven't seen many but once again most leverage the Algonquin College broadcasting or other key volunteers. I hear there are some teams conducting interviews during intermissions it would be great if more would do it instead of a still camera while zamboni cleans the ice. Everyone is doing their best with the resources or lack thereof. Always going to get people complaining and all good if constructive.

Loving the hockey on the ice, the parity is great, have to come to play every night or you will get beat. Everyone playing tonight, not sure where I'm going some great match-ups. Who needs the NHL, catch some future stars take in some jr hockey!!

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