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10-19-2012, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by TasteofFlames View Post
Fair enough, but I would say that getting people to talk about your brand goes a long way towards brand recognition, which is how I'm looking at this. People love new and fancy technology and a 50' wide TV certainly will get people talking (even if only for a time). While a single marketing gimmick won't turn Tampa into the Dallas Cowboys, talking about a TV in the middle of a labor dispute is a pretty good distraction, and if the lockout is over as soon as we all hope it is, a giant TV is a pretty good segue into "buy more tickets!" I know quite a few people who had never been to a Cowboys game (don't waste your time, you end up paying hundreds of dollars to stare at a TV anyway) who put up a boatload of cash to get into the new stadium, largely because of the press the screen got. (I grew up around Dallas and my family lives there)
Good point, but I guess I don't see that particularly being a major need for Tampa Bay. They already draw fans pretty well last I checked.

...then again, maybe such a gimmick will enable a ticket price hike.

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