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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
There is nothing wrong or illegal about not going with the terms of a legally binding contract?
The legally binding contracts the players sign are subject to newly negotiated CBAs, to some extent.

So yes, there is nothing illegal about abrogating those player contracts with the negotiation of a new CBA. That's how they did it last time with a rollback, right? It was legal.

And there's nothing wrong with it, either, morally or otherwise, as long as the players were informed of this fact when they were negotiating those deals. And if the players did not get lawyers to explain these details to them, that's really more their own fault.

I am not saying anything that any other journalist out there would not say: the players are going to end up giving more back again.

That's how it works.

The question is how much are they gonna give back, how much is fair for the owners to be making in profit.

But in a situation where owners are losing money, which is the case right now, guess what, the players lose again.

That's the way of the world. If you try to fight that, businesses go bankrupt. Those owners don't have unlimited money to keep throwing at sinkholes.

When the owners are making money hand over fist, then the players will be able to successfully clamor for more money. Not only will they actually deserve it, but the owners, realizing that they are making tons of money, will be happy to hand it out to the players so that they can continue making money themselves. That's why the NFL never misses a game. The owners are making too much; it'd be moronic for them to lose a single game over a couple percentage points.

That's not the case with the NHL. That is the reason why the NHL keeps losing games. It's not making money. The owners have incentive to not play the games.

Until the players realize that, there won't be labor peace.

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