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Originally Posted by mschmidt64 View Post
The owners are responsible for righting their financial ships.

This is how they are doing it. By capping player salaries.

It is dishonest for one to argue "Well, the owners should just stop handing out big contracts." No, they shouldn't. They should hand out whatever contracts they can under the current salary structure.

The reason they should do that is because, if they're not, that means they aren't trying to win. The goal of this league is to win the Stanley Cup. If you're not trying to put your team in the best position to do that, you're not being a good owner. You can't do that without trying to get the best players which means paying them lots of money and often times outbidding other owners. That will naturally drive up costs to the limit of your rules. If you haven't set rules, it will keep going up and up until you reach a scenario where the rich teams (Yankees) can simply outspend all the little teams (Twins) and so the little teams have to hope they can win with players on rookie contracts before they bolt in free agency.

So when it comes time to evaluate the CBA, that is the owners chance to set new rules for what it makes sense for them to spend every season.

So you are right... the players aren't the ones running their franchises into the grounds, the owners are.

This is their attempt to stop it. This is the correct way to stop it.

The other alternatives are either not competing or outright collusion (which is illegal).
You still need a healthy relationship between your employers and employees.

The owners are responsible for own finances, not the players. Thats the driving point.

The fact that for a healthy league, the owners have to be healthy, is hilarious because theyre the ones who designed the current CBA, and cant seem to get their own finances in order themselves. Part of this, is also expanding into markets the league shouldnt be in.

If I were a player, id bounce for good.

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