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Originally Posted by AceintheSpace View Post
You still need a healthy relationship between your employers and employees.
Sure. And that healthy relationship entails the employees being compensated fairly AND the owners making money.

And really.... that generally entails the owners making more money than the employees do. That's kinda one of the perks to owning things.

Right now the owners aren't making money.

So the players are taking another loss here. Their complaint that they "took a loss last time" means nothing. The owners are still losing money. So the players are going to lose again too.

I don't know what the tipping point is for the owners to be profitable, but it ain't at 57%. So that number is coming down. So the players should quit complaining about losing again.

If they can find a solution to "honor their existing contracts," fantastic, but I suspect honoring the existing contracts means newly signed contracts are going to suffer for it. Simple math shows that if the players keep what they have, there is less available for new guys to sign.

So actually, if my contract was expiring in a year or two, as an NHL player, I'd be telling Steve Montador to shut his mouth. I don't want Ryan Suter getting his $100 million and costing me money.

The fact that for a healthy league, the owners have to be healthy, is hilarious because theyre the ones who designed the current CBA
First of all, they didn't design it unilaterally. They agreed to it with the players. So the players had an equal hand crafting this last CBA, and the owners were trying to give the players as much as they thought they could reasonably give them and still be profitable.

Forbes is reporting that the owners still aren't profitable. That means the CBA has to be lowered again.

If I were a player, id bounce for good.
See ya.

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