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Originally Posted by Fenway View Post
30-35% of Detroit STH's are from Ontario. No accident that The Joe is next to the Windsor Tunnel.

Buffalo's problem is the metro area has lost 50% of its population in 40 years. In 1970 it was the 18th largest TV market in the US - now it is (#TV homes)

50 Jacksonville 669,840
51 Buffalo 645,190
52 New Orleans 643,660
53 Providence-New Bedford 620,010
54 Wilkes Barre-Scranton-Hztn 590,740

Buffalo on its own is an AHL market.
Should Buffalo get to include Rochester as well? Assuming you include Rochester, and take away any Canadian support (which there is no way the Sabres would lose ALL of their Canadian support), Buffalo is still one of the top American markets in the league. Or can Florida only count Ft. Lauderdale, Dallas doesn't get Fort Worth, no San Fran for San Jose, etc.?

I'm offended by the notion that Buffalo is an AHL market, when it has been a stable member of this league for over 40 years. The only real blip in support was when the owner was SENT TO JAIL! Coming right back after the lockout the team had tremendous levels of support again, despite no superstar bumps (ala Ovie/Crosby).

Maybe I'm in the minority amongst Sabres fans, but I have no problem with Hamilton getting a team. I think it would add some excitement, and I really don't see it hurting the franchise (though I'll take a couple million if the league insists). Despite a general opinion that there is no "rivalry" between the Sabres and Leafs, those are easily the most fun games to go to in Buffalo every year. If there were a Hamilton team, the building would be rocking, and maybe it would just be a new franchise for us to beat in excruciating and humiliating ways.

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