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10-19-2012, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Pens1566 View Post
It's not the "best player on an undefeated team" award.
some year's it is precisely that. anyways quit your bellyaching. it isn't enough that nearly everyone thinks your guy is good, nay great. we all have to think he's the best. let's see how the season progresses. he's been impressive, he'll easily outdistance himself statistically from everyone else. but Miller and Klein have been brilliant leading their troubled teams to undefeated records.

the most accurate straw poll out there has Smith and Klein in a virtual dead heat. but it's no crime to single out Miller as the MVP of the first half of the season while still recognizing that one of Smith/Klein have a better shot at the ol' still arm award (which is exactly what i did in ranking the candidates as of now and as of monday).

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