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Originally Posted by AceintheSpace View Post
No link, huh schmidt?

Your entire argument stands on that, and its not very concrete.
I'm not going to get you a link. I am telling you that the Collective Bargaining Agreement is a contract between the league and the players association.

If you choose to remain ignorant of that fact because you want to score a point, that's your prerogative. You'd be wise to take my word on this.

Again, if what I'm saying is untrue, then there is no way the NHL could have abrogated existing contracts with their 2004 CBA.

Since they did, you know that must be the case. Really not anything else to say about the matter.

Any labor lawyer can tell you that a collective bargaining agreement is one contract between the employer and the employee. It sets out terms to govern the rest of the contracts signed, if there are any.

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