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10-19-2012, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Helpoing View Post
It's too early for me to speak about the replay value of TL2, but one can suspect that multiple fun mods can help the game a lot.

As I wrote earlier, there is only one ARPG that looks like a true Diablo successor right now to me (after D3 let me down ), and that is Path of Exile. Graphics are kind of outdated (somewhat a mix of D2, Nox & Planescape:Torment), but visual look isn't responsible for the game depth, is it? Kotaku published an article about it a few days ago: link. I still have one beta key left.
Agreed on the graphics. I couldn't care less if they're outdated, so long as they're 'good enough'.

Looking forward to Path of Exile whenever they do get around to releasing the full version. The skill tree is ridiculously immense..

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