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10-19-2012, 12:50 PM
Joe McGrath
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Originally Posted by Summer Ruutu View Post
It's impossible to have 50-50 and honor all current contracts unless there's significantly more growth over the course of the next CBA than there was over the last.

And if there's not? Owners are screwed. It's a suicidal bet to make and it probably took about half a second to reject. The only reason Fehr proposed it because he knew most fans wouldn't understand what it really meant, but the optics would look good. This is a proposal that they put together over lunch and didn't even run the numbers on. Might as well just have written "**** you" on a half-used napkin.

The NHLPA is completely ******** and hopeless. It's so sad and so fun to watch. This is more enjoying than most of last year's playoffs.
The players are getting no concessions. They are being given less money, with shorter contracts and a longer road to free agency. There isn't any collective bargaining going on here. Even in the last lockout when the players got royally screwed, they at least got some free agency concessions. To say that one side or the other is in the wrong here isn't seeing the whole picture.
The NHLPA has to understand that they are going to lose money now and in the future, they just need to figure out what they can get out of the owners. (Hint: It rhymes with a share of shmixspansion fees)

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