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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
I'm not sure if either position has really been in the majority per se. Unless one counts "majority" as "being able to speak without the chimps throwing crap at you."
There was little to no appetite for Howson to leave after the playoff season. I started being critical and it led to flat out rebellion on my part during that season. Trust me, I would know. I had to defend that with almost no support and without a lot of "are you f'ing crazy" posts. Right now, replacing Howson is a clear majority at this point. We're probably talking a true majority as well, at 51%. Not majority after figuring in all the fence sitters.

For clarification, this is for posters here. This has nothing to do with those voicing their opinions during an OSU football game, where half of them barely know the Bluejackets exist. Where most of those guys barely know who Howson is, never mind Priest and most probably have no idea we have a different owner than we did 6 years ago.

Just keep in mind what you call revenge is, by a lot of people definitions, being held accountable for the job he has done. If you don't perform, someone else is found to do the job. You don't continue to extend the contract. I can't see anything measurable that you can come up with to defend Howson's continued employment. I see no metric. The best you can do is make the claim that we have better prospects, however it will take time to prove that is a true statement. What is clear is that we are spending more money with worse results with the big club. We spending more money per win while bleeding cash.

We seem to have a general consensus that Davidson should be hired. I can tell you that is quite terrifying to me and makes me look closer at the situation.

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