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10-19-2012, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by h22prelude93 View Post
I really am shocked that you would consider this trade. Even as a fallback. Remember we're talking about our only PPG player of our last two playoff appearances. Who exactly would fill that kind of void? And besides McDonald, would you really want to give up a prospect like Rattie for an overpaid Bouwmeester? Don't get me wrong, I think Bouwmeester would be a decent partner for Pietrangelo, but definitely not at this price.
I like Rattie as a prospect, but like PD said he's probably multiple years away and I think he's a tough player to project. I think he'll contribute at the NHL level, but will he be a driving force of the offense (and thus a critical component of the team)? It's really hard to make that call with any certainty.

Bouwmeester IS overpaid, but I think he might fit well here. The Blues play a style that can get the most out of what he has to offer, while still helping to cover for his limitations as a player. He's not perfect, but with Pietrangelo drawing most of the attention on that pairing and the overall structure the Blues play with I think Blues fans would be fairly happy with the result. He's not my ideal partner for Pietrangelo, but the Blues could do much, much worse. Given the new ownership situation, I don't have any real idea if the Blues could make it work financially at this point, so it's hard to dismiss the trade on that alone. My gut says it wouldn't happen, but there's enough uncertainty that we could at least entertain the idea.

McDonald is the only real stumbling block to the deal for me. He means quite a bit to this team, even at this point in his career. Still, if it looks like enough other players have elevated their games (Perron, Oshie, Berglund, etc.) and Tarasenko and Schwartz are impressing to the point where McDonald might not be quite as critical, then maybe it's something that can be considered if the defense looks terrible. I'm not saying it would be anywhere near my first option even in that scenario, but I would at least consider it in the right circumstances.

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