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Originally Posted by Ryan34222 View Post
sorry havent had my 4 cups of coffee yet, engines still warming up.. so you are thinking three teams in GTA, or is the Hammer still being blocked.

that would make for interesting conference alignments
If I were running the show, it would be QUE and HAM for #31 and #32. Then when Rogers/Bell couldn't get along, they split and one side keeps MLSE and one side gets a GTA expansion team (like Markham). Which means we need to go to 36 teams, so we (in phases) add Seattle, Houston and Salt Lake City.

As far as interesting alignments. For 32, take the NHL's proposed four-conference model and place:
QUE in the Adams with BOS, MON, OTT, TOR, BUF, TB, FLA.
HAM in the Norris with DET, CHI, STL, NASH, MIN, WIN, DAL
CBJ in the Patrick with NYR, NYI, NJ, PHI, WAS, CAR, PIT

Yes, I'm aware that HAM is very East of Columbus and Hamilton would make for good rivalries with BUF, TOR, etc., but they're the new guy and CBJ needs the financial benefits of the EC to their TV deal; so the Hammers are stuck in the West.

But it beats being in the AHL West.

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