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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
I'm curious. I play a lot of ball hockey on various sized rinks.

And to me, at 41 years old, I prefer small rinks because it nullifies the speed advantage the kids have over me

It seems to me that small rinks rewards smart players who pass well, or physical players who can exert force more often.

I don't play as much ice hockey, but I feel the same way there, too.

Even the explosive players, who can get to top speed fast, have less room to break away and get clear opportunities in a big rink. They might get past me, but not enough where I can't stick check them from behind.
You've answered yourself with the last sentence. Smaller rinks leave less time and space to make plays and decisions, so yes they do reward quick decisions and smart plays. However the nature of those smaller rinks also makes speed even more vital because having that extra quarter-to-half step is the difference between breaking through the defense or getting tied up along the boards. Every second matters even more. The lack of time and space also makes for faster pace where transitional play is critical and speed is one of the largest components to excelling in the transition game. Just like your example, it's rare a player is totally free where the defenseman can't try to harass them, but those situations also drawn penalties at a high frequency which is also a positive outcome. If you don't have the speed to keep up in the transitional game, you put your team at a big disadvantage and surrender potential odd-man breaks and late-man/trailer plays, both of which are prime scoring opportunities.

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