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Originally Posted by DutchShamrock View Post
The point is, if this system supposedly doesn't work, why are they insisting on more of the same.
How is it more of the same? They want to lessen to top amount the players can receive.

Once again, it is the league that is setting up franchises for failure. If the league gets their deal and in 6 years florida is swamped by salary, is it the players' fault and responsibility. If teams need revenue sharing, shouldn't they be the ones pushing for it? But its the players?
If an individual team blows its finances somehow, no, of course I would say that isn't the players' fault.

If the vast majority of the league is losing money, and is only supported by the Rangers, Habs and Leafs, I would say that is a systemic problem that needs to be fixed.

It's not the players' "fault"... outside of the fact that they should realize the sport is not healthy and should be more willing to accept a lesser salary cap.

Or maybe the teams aren't honest. Maybe it's creative accounting. I mean, if they want the same system I have to assume it works. Florida and the islanders can afford $45m in payroll or they can't. This system isn't stopping $45m in payroll.
They don't want the same system. The system right now provides so that each team spends between $48 million and $64 million on player salaries.

At that level, most teams are still bleeding.

If we reduced that, to say, between $10 million and $20 million, well, each team would probably be making tens of millions of dollars. So that wouldn't be fair either.

The fair thing to do is find a range where most teams are independently profitable, with revenue sharing to help the few teams on the bottom who are not profitable still.

Revenue sharing is ok to a degree. However, it's a problem when the Rangers, Habs, and Leafs are the only 3 teams making serious profits and those three teams have to carry the rest of the league's losses. That is not ok.

That is what Forbes said just happened, though.

So that needs to change. We have to drop player salaries to a range where more teams are profitable.

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