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Originally Posted by Jets Fly Forever View Post
You are right. In most of the big markets the fans will come back. But in 50% of the leauge that has be stuggling to stay profitable, they may not. Thoes markets are the ones that will suffer from the greed of the big boys who don't want to share cash.
Not sure who you are referring to by "the greed of the big boys". I am assuming you mean the owners. The problem with the current impasse is that the PA would have the owners--the 'big boys'--bear all the risk. So, if the fans revolt or the economy turns down and HRR drops, they take the hit. The PA does not seem to want to take an absolute decrease in revenue under any circumstance and their proposals only work for the league if everything turns out rosy.
The owners may be big and greedy, but they shoulder a huge financial liability if things go wrong. The players can make claim to the first two, but not the third.

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