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10-19-2012, 03:17 PM
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I also love the charge that I'm "pro-owner."

No, I'm pro-hockey.

If the owners were making lots of money, I'd be with the players.

But they aren't. They are losing money.

Since I want to see the sport succeed, I recognize that means the players have to give back more this time.

So I criticize Don Fehr for saying dumb things like "We gave up a lot last time. We shouldn't have to give up more this time."

Wrong. You do. For the good of the sport.

I recognize it's all a negotiation, and he doesn't actually believe that. But the players deserve more flack for those comments than the owners got for their initial proposal of 43% or whatever. The players' stance that they shouldn't have to give up anything is the stance that has been the most unreasonable, the most intransigent in all of this process.

I don't know what the fair number is, whether it's 52% or 50% or 47% or what. I trust they will all eventually get to a number that works for them.

But I do think it's unreasonable that the players don't seem to recognize that the majority of teams are losing money.

If that is wrong, like I said, I'd love to see the evidence. That would switch me to the players side.

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