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10-19-2012, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by PensFanSince1989 View Post
Except, while 'honoring the contracts', makes it far from 50/50 split. And the NHL is far from the only business to ask it's union to renegotiate contracts across the board. Most those unions don't have a membership making an average salary of $2.5 million. And you're right that the NHLPA is in its right to fight against that renegotiation, but the NHL is within its right to ask for it. All previous contracts were signed per the Old CBA with the knowledge that they could be altered by future agreed upon CBA's. And it's not a pure rollback that the NHL is asking for, they have put in a mechanism which while doesn't entirely protect old contracts, does give a lot more protection to them than they were originally asking.
First of all, this isn't about how the players make millions of dollars so it is ok to **** them over. Do you know how much the idiots from Jersey Shore make? Pointing to the players being rich already is a poor argument to justify screwing them over.

This is a new CBA and things can be altered, correct? So then why isn't it ok for the NHLPA to take the cap off the table? That is within their rights. The last CBA didn't say it had to carry over forever.

God help us if they do that, but at least the players are being reasonable and not doing it. They could though.

I'm also quite aware of the legal language that allows the contracts to be changed, but they were signed in good faith and just because that language allows them to legally do rollbacks, doesn't make it ethical.

You had an owner in Leipold in that room yesterday asking the players to give back money, after he just signed two guys to over 200m.

How much more disingenuous could he be?

If I were Bettman, I'd tell the players to put their money where their mouth is. They keep on telling the league their proposal of $1.8 billion gauranteed + raises are fair because it's completely reasonable to expect the NHL to continue to grow at about 7.1%. Well then, this year, you get 53% of the cap, next year, you get 50%. If you're so confident in the growth rates you keep spouting to justify your deal, those numbers will keep you at your precious $1.8-1.88 billion number. Also, make sure the players with deals coming up in a year or 2 know that they will get less money under the no-rollback deal since teams will be more cap-strapped.
The owners want their cutbacks now. Which is total ******** and propaganda. They can make adjustments with their RS system to help carry the teams supposedly losing money, for the next two years.

The problem is they don't want to take from their own pockets to fix their mistakes, they want to take from the players (again).

The big market teams who are making a killing under the cap will now get further cutbacks and their profits will grow exponentially. But somehow, asking them to help out their partners is wrong, while extorting more money from the players is ok. Its like bizzarro world that people are too blind to see the obvious here. Jesus.

Once again, I am not going to put my ethics aside because I badly want to see hockey.

It truly amazes me how people can justify what the owners are doing. Either they have ethical standards like the owners, or they just want hockey so badly, they throw reason out of the window.

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