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10-19-2012, 07:03 PM
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Originally Posted by IHWR View Post
Yeah...I don't disagree but Sidney Crosby is untouchable. Despres isn't and that's my only point here. The word untouchable on these boards is crazy over used. Basically, Despres is untouchable because he's a pretty good prospect that a bunch of fans really like. Rundblad was "untouchable" by Sens fans last year and he and a second round pick got swapped for Turris to fill a big need for them.

So it is entirely possible that Despres or another prospect defenseman get dealt for a there aren't untouchable.

****...if you ask me we should be actively trying to move one of these defensemen (Despres, Dumoulin, Harrington, etc...) to try and add some much needed winger depth...but what do I know...
I hear ya. I guess "very unlikely to be moved unless the return fills a specific, high-value need" is more appropriate, but a little long-winded.

This team needs big, mobile, quality two-way defensemen like Despres, and being the most NHL-ready of our high-end prospects, I'd be hesitant to give him up for anything less than a Ryan-type (which would itself be a longshot anyway). Despres is probably more valuable to us than to just about any other team in the league.

I wouldn't be totally against dealing some of our defensive prospect depth, but given how crappy our current corps fared last playoffs, I'd rather move one or two of the vets to make room (read: Martin/Orpik).

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