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Originally Posted by XX View Post
I guess I don't get where the NHLPA's leverage comes from. It's the weakest of the major sports and the only place these guys are going to get a major payday. MLB and the NFL are national staples; people care if they disappear. The players should realize that the owners and the union share common goals. Everyone wins if there's more revenue, more growth, more jobs to go around. I understand the players have to protect their slice of the pie, but it's already bigger than any of the other major sports.

The players look like morons when they squabble over money. Fight the good fight on moral issues like free agency, contract lengths and whatnot. But when it comes to money, they more or less get paid what the market can bare. The vast majority of the NHLPA won't have jobs, or will have jobs that pay significantly less if the NHL disappears. How this escapes them is beyond me, but It seems like Fehr is trying to convince them of something that isn't there.

The owners gave up, going back to the summer, 7% and some other details. It's time for the players to give up a bit from their table like good negotiators. Arguing over percentages is a joke. If revenue doubles, you just got slightly less (we're talking 4-5% here) of a massively bigger pie. Poor players.

Not a lot of educated folks in the union. It's starting to show.
OH WOW!!!!

On Thursday, he walked into a significant meeting with several NHL owners 90 minutes late, plopped down two single sheets of paper, each with a different skeleton proposal to the owners that didn’t include any ideas on systemic issues, then verbally delivered a third proposal with no accompanying paperwork. For all three proposals, he acknowledged to the owners he hadn’t actually “run the numbers.”
This from the leader of a union in a $3 billion business.

This poster should not be taken seriously under any circumstances.
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