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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
How many times do I have to say this? The players said they will go to 50/50 if the owners honor their contracts.

The players' proposals take 5 more years to get to 50%. Not only do they guarantee raises for the players every year (with the possible exception of 2015-16 where salaries remain the same for one year under one of the proposals), but they give the owners only a single season of 50/50 before the CBA expires. And there's no cost certainty. It's based on projected revenue growth; not on percentages of HRR. That's not a realistic offer.

Care to take a guess as to why the third offer proposed in those meetings wasn't addressed in Mirtle's article? Because the idea that Fehr offered a deal that goes to 50/50 immediately while guaranteeing full payment of all contracts is a lie (that's right, Cap'n Bettman's not the only liar in this thing). If it was mathematically possible, the CBA would have been settled in September. But unfortunately, 50% of $3.47 billion (the very generously projected revenue for this coming season) is well short of the $1.88 billion the players made last year. I don't know what Fehr might have proposed in this mystical 3rd proposal, but it sure as hell isn't what he claimed.

Here's a little insight into how Mr. Fehr's been handling these negotiations:

Originally Posted by Damien Cox
On Thursday, he walked into a significant meeting with several NHL owners 90 minutes late, plopped down two single sheets of paper, each with a different skeleton proposal to the owners that didn’t include any ideas on systemic issues, then verbally delivered a third proposal with no accompanying paperwork. For all three proposals, he acknowledged to the owners he hadn’t actually “run the numbers.”
Pardon the cliche, but Donald Fehr sure does sound like a class act, huh? At least he didn't walk into the meeting wearing sweat pants, I guess.

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