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10-19-2012, 08:01 PM
Mike Farkas
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New coach, but an experienced one and I'm a little surprised about how this team does its business. Very deliberate style, everything is backwards, set up, breakout. In my experience in coaching, usually a team that does this regularly doesn't rely on the long pass and chip o-zone entry. Typically it's a more skillful breakout that involves at least 2 or 3 passes before they gain entry. This seems to have a decoy to distract a one-man forecheck so the puck carrier can emerge from behind the net and get a clean look down the ice for a chip and chase...but then it doesn't appear like there's much of a cycle to be established. Kind of strange at first glance, but it was one fairly poor period, so I'll see what happens.

The defensive scheme seems a little out of sorts to me, but again, that could be a product of poor play. It was weird to see the center backcheck to what I would guess is the wrong area...and it's not even like it's a rookie center, it's guys that have been around like Toby Petersen (I know you guys don't care for him, but he should be able to read defensive situations correctly given his career to date) seems like there's a switch that needs to be made that isn't happening...

I'm taking some notes on the game but just using numbers so I'm not biased and "looking" for things that I have in my head about players, so we'll see how that goes.

Don't like Nihlstorp, but I have a hard time articulating what I like and don't like about's just a feeling that I have. Far from scientific, infalliable.

The best they could think of was Toby Petersen playing the point of the power play? Is someone hurt? Let me re-word that, how many players are hurt? And Toby was a favorite of mine when he was in Pittsburgh...

How'd you guys get Cam Barker? That's just a Texas deal, I trust? I was thinking, "Barker? Who is this Barker? This guy is brutal...I wonder if it's Cam? Was Cam always this bad? I guess..."

The color commentator gets a king size Snickers bar every time he gets a name right or finishes a thought adequately from now on...maybe that will generate some sense.

Camera guy gets a $2 per hour pay increase every time he doesn't pull away from the play and zoom in on the goalie at the other end of the ice, or a player on the bench or some other random object that doesn't have to do with the play.

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